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god bless people with white backgrounds




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Half of these things can become life skills so next time you hate on a gamer just remember




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when you shake laminated paper and it does the thing



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just a reminder that some of the most positive people are the ones that have faced true negativity.

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wake up from their nap in front of their common room’s fireplace with a half finished potions essay in front of them.

Whovians are woken up jolted from the captains seat while the TARDIS spins out of control and the Doctor flipping over the TARDIS controls.

Supernatural fans wake up on Bobby’s couch. Dean, Sam and Bobby just got news about a hunt and are about to call Cas for assistance.

Fringe fans wake up to tell Walter, Olivia and Peter about their experiences in the alternate reality.

Hangover fans wake up to find themselves in a completely fucked up situation in a trashed hotel room.

Gleeks wake up to find themselves sleeping in spanish class while Mr Shue drones on in spanish.

Torchwood fans wake up in the hub because of the loud make out session that Jack is having with Ianto in his office.

True Blood fans wake up buried underground, thirsting for blood.

Percy Jackson fans wake up to a new day of Demigod activities at Camp Half Blood.

The Hunger Games fans wake up… in the Hunger Games. The gamekeepers decided to fuck with them.

Pretty Little Liars fans wake up to the sound of a text message from A.

Gossip Girl fans wake up to Chuck, Dan and Nate in their bed. Oh yeaaaaaa.

Aiden Grimshaw fans wake up to being presidents of the Awesome People Party~

lord of the rings fans wake up in the shire on bilbo’s birthday and steal gandalf’s fireworks with merry and pippin.

trekkies wake up aboard the enterprise, preparing for alpha shift, tugging their respective tunics over their heads.

the legend of zelda fans wake up in hyrule, taking a break from their quest to sleep beneath a tree with epona.

psych fans wake up in the psych headquarters, wondering where their pineapple went.

the pacific fans wake up on peleliu. they’re surely fucked now.

buffy the vampire slayer fans wake up in the magic box before a hunt with buffy.

bioshock fans wake up in rapture, lying next to a splicer with a big daddy approaching.

Inception fans oh wait

X-Men fans wake up and realize they’re five minutes late to Professor X’s lecture on genetics.

Sherlock fans wake up on the couch at 221B Baker Street to Sherlock saying “obviously” and John cooking breakfast.

Starkid fans wake up on a distant planet surrounded by bugs… grody. Or maybe they wake up in Joey Richter’s bed. it’s not like anyone would complain

Portal fans wake up in the Enrichment Centre to Wheatley telling them they might have a minor case of eh… serious brain damage.

Avatar: TLA fans wake up to the yells of the Gaang, saying they have to get up and hop on Appa since those dangerous ladies are chasing them again.

Fullmetal Alchemist fans wake up… because someone said ‘short’ in Edward Elric’s presence. And fuck, sleeping is kinda hard with a shrimp of an alchemist yelling “WHO DID YOU CALL A PIPSQUEAK SO SMALL YOU WOULDN’T SEE HIM WITH A MICROSCOPE?!”

Sanctuary Fans wake up to an abnormal loose in the Sanctaury and Helen Magnus handing you a stun gun.

Stargate Fans wake up to the sound of an unscheduled off world activation and Teal’c handing you a zat.

Once Upon a Time Fans wake up with a vague sense of confusion, but then happiness builds up in their hearts as they look down at themselves and see they are a storybook character and the Curse has been broken at last.

Pirates of the Caribbean Fans wake up marooned on a desert island, head banging from the after effects of rum and too much sun, next to a highly annoyed Captain Jack Sparrow, watching the Black Pearl sail away under Barbossa’s command again.

Avengers fans wake up to another day fighting crime and protecting the city with the avengers.

Criminal Minds fans wake up in Quantico to Hotch telling them ‘Wheels up in 30. Briefing on the jet.’

Literally the Best thing ever!

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Welcome to Night Vale fans well… just another day in Night Vale

Homestuck Fans wake up in Skaia, realizing that they had just ascended into God Tier.

I’m in 15 of these fandoms… what will happen to me?!?!?!

Hetalians wake up, hunched over in a chair and a crick in their necks, to the sound of Germany yelling at them for falling asleep at a world meeting again.

Dingle Rompers wake up in their room. Another day, another murder.

Pokemon Trainers wake up in a Pokemon center. Their Pokemon were finally done with getting healed.

Warriors wake up in the Warrior’s Den, getting yelled at by the Deputy for sleeping until Sun-high.

Kuroshitsuji Fans wake up to Sebastian cooking breakfast and asking if his master slept well.



Sanative Magazine’s 50 alternatives to self harm ordered by mood.

It is important in many peoples recovery journey to have a management plan when working through self harm. People can experience a wide variety of moods when the urge to self harm arises, although this list only deals with a few moods I hope that it is comprehensive and you will be able to understand that if you are feeling jealous you may like to try out the sad suggestions (if you are feeling particularly down), or the angry ones (if you are feeling particularly riled up and filled with frustrated energy).

It is good to have a few ideas that you would be willing to try in mind before the urge becomes too much to bare. Different emotional states often respond best to emotion specific responses, which is why lists like these can help. Keep any ideas that you are drawn to written down and try them next time you are feeling as if you want to self harm. These distraction and self soothing lists will be in constant revision as you find out what works for you (some things won’t work, and often nothing will work 100% of the time, but it is important to keep working at it.)

As with any mental health concern I recommend getting the assistance of a professional to work alongside you in this journey.

Here are a list of some distractions & self soothing ideas based on mood. Some of these activities could overlap into another mood, so don’t feel like they’re set in stone - use whatever you think would be helpful!

1. Cry it out.
2. Watch a ridiculous comedy. 
3. Take a warm shower
4. Listen to inspiring, upbeat music.
5. Spend time with a pet.
6. Organise your room
7. Phone a friend or even visit them
8. Read a trashy magazine
9. Make a list of quotes and lyrics that inspire you
10. Make a list of places you’d like to visit, or things you’d like to do within your lifetime.
11. Write how you’re feeling in a journal
12. Go for a long and peaceful walk
13. Bake or cook a favourite dish
14. Go to the movie theatre and watch the next movie that comes on (of course attempting to ensure that it will be trigger free)
15. Watch silly daytime television.
16. Play a video game or a board game.
17. Write letters to your best friends and send them if you wish to.
18. Start drawing, or a create a collage of how you’re feeling - don’t worry about how it looks, no one has to see it.
19. Cuddle a soft toy

20. Place a blanket in the dryer and wrap it around yourself
21. Make a cup of tea/coffee and attempt to focus mindfully on your actions whilst preparing and drinking the tea.
22. Look up and learn breathing techniques and mindfulness strategies, if you see a health professional try talking to them about these strategies and work out a plan of how to practice these techniques so that you’ll eventually be able to successfully use them when your urges seem unmanageable.
23. Run yourself a warm bath and fill it with aromatherapy oils.
24. Count by 9’s
25. Paint your nails
26. Colour in a mandala
27. If you are religious, pray or meditate.
28. Take photographs of something that catches your eye. Upload it somewhere like Instagram.
29. Collect a list of silly websites! For example
30. Look up funny cats and dogs on Youtube. Trust me. It’s endless and brilliant.
31. Fill in a CBT ABC worksheet or something similar. You can ask your therapist for something of the sort. Here is a good resource, it contains thought records as well. You can even draw up your own as these are arguably not the most aesthetically pleasing worksheets.
32. Watch a candle burn.
33. Fingerpaint

34. Dance to ridiculous music
35. Scream out to music that expresses how you feel
36. Scream into a pillow
37. Punch a pile of pillows 
38. Invest in a punching bag. Punch the absolute shit out of it.
39. Write a letter to someone you’re mad - swear at them, scream at them, get it ALL out, and and tear it up
40. Eat a lemon, sour loly, a chili - anything that will focus on your senses without hurting you.
41. Hold ice cubes in your hand, rub them under your knees, on the heels of your feet.
42. Watch a film that makes you laugh.
43. Take your dog for a walk
44. Wash the dishes
45. Go for a run/sprint
46. Write your thoughts on your body in red pen.
47. Hit soft toys/pillow against the wall repetitively.
48. Have a cold shower. With your clothes on if need be. If you get out of the shower and your urges/anger comes back, get in the shower again.


50. Remember that not every distraction will work and it is still important to consider why you are self harming to begin with. According to DBT therapy distractions are not a CURE for self harm, rather they are a technique to be used whilst the urges are too severe to work on. Aftere the urge has subsided it is important to SPEAK TO SOMEONE about how you are feeling. It is 34239534973657864% recommended that you find a health professional you trust to talk through these things with.

I repeat: NOT EVERY DISTRACTION WILL WORK. And those that do may not help every time. A slip up, or a 100, do not make you a “failure” of recovery. The fact that you are actively trying to get help and find other ways of coping is AMAZING. Try (and try and try) not to be hard on yourself!It is important in many peoples recovery journey to have a management plan when working through self harm.
It is good to have a few ideas that you would be willing to try in mind before the urge becomes too much to bare. Keep these ideas written down and try them next time you are feeling as if you want to self harm. These distraction and self soothing lists will be in constant revision as you find out what works for you.
As with any mental health concern I recommend getting the assistance of a professional to work alongside you in this journey.

Great advice! ~Calista


hearing an actor’s real accent for the first time